Pet Clinic in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi NCR

Pets are the part of the life of those who understand the love and affection that these creatures have for humans. Not only are pets the trusted companions but also the guardian of the homes. And no wonder owners also take care to keep pets healthy and clean. We understand the need of owners and make sure that our Pet clinic in Laxmi Nagar caters to the precise need of owners of pets. Our pet clinic is set up to give the state of the art treatment facilities to the pet owners.

We have the medical expertise and infrastructure to diagnose the medical issues by using the advanced X-ray Equipment for a faster diagnosis. The use of Doppler ultrasound helps us to give for effective and immediate treatment to pets. Besides providing surgery facilities , Pet clinic in laxmi nagar , Delhi NCR , also offers deworming, medical washes, anti-parasite treatment care of pregnant pets and lactating pets and heartworm prevention.

Pet Clinic

The blood testing, blood collection and transfusion facilities are also given by experts as per the need of the pet. Our services also encompass behavioral and hormonal related disorders and diseases. Clients can also contact us for dental issues of pets such as tooth extraction scale brushing and polishing. Pet owners can also contact Pet clinic in Delhi for controlling aggression nervousness and any kind of phobia that a pet is suffering from. A pet suffering from depression also gets an effective treatment at our clinic.

All dermatology-related issues of a pet are satisfactorily treated by Pet clinic in laxmi Nagar Delhi NCR as it understands the importance of a clean and healthy skin of a pet. The cleaning and germs free skin ensures that owners and family members can hug their favorite pet without any inhibition. Our microscopic examination of skin scrapings, fungal check, treatment of allergies, bacteria, fungal, parasite, protozoan and mixed infections ensure that a pet can move freely inside the home without fear of the spread of any infection and kids can also play safely with the pet.