Dog Clinic in Delhi NCR

We offer the fully equipped Dog Clinic in Delhi NCR with latest tools and instruments. The professionals with right qualifications and experience in pet treatment provide the best services in the field of pet health in the capital region. We cater to the need of dogs in sickness or in emergency cases. We understand the love and care that a pet receives from its owners and try to make sure that treatment is also given with the same care and love. Our whole approach to the treatment of the pets and dogs emerges from the strong belief that a dog or any pet also needs the same care and love which we reserve only for humans. Our professionals are not only the veterinary science experts and also understand the behavior of dogs which helps us to provide effective medical treatment. The comprehensive services ranging from diagnostic service to surgeries to vaccination are offered under the same roof by experts.

Dog Clinic in Laxmi Nagar in Delhi NCR

Our state of the art infrastructure in the pet treatment is used to perform soft tissue surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, dental care, and X-ray facilities. We are fully equipped to conduct the biopsy, take the blood test, ultrasound, endoscopy, and laparoscopy. The Dog clinic in Laxmi Nagar Delhi is maintained in accordance with the international hygiene standards. We provide separate waiting lounge for owners during the treatment of pets.

The daily cleaning routine is maintained at the clinic to check the possibility of the spread of any infection among pets. The experience and qualified vet staff are trained to ensure that each pet relaxed and calm during the treatment process. The complete inventory of the medicines and drugs used in the pet treatment is maintained to ensure that a dog is immediately given the needed medicine during emergency cases. our experts also provide the necessary suggestions and recommendations to owners which helps them to get faster pet recovery from illness or surgery.