Dog and Pet Clinic in Laxmi Nagar,Delhi NCR

Our dog clinic is equipped with the latest infrastructure for pet care. The clinic provides advanced treatment methods, diagnostic services, pet health monitoring, digital X-ray surgical and medical facilities under the one roof. We offer ultrasound digital X-ray machines, blood test, biopsy, endoscopy and laparoscopy. We also offer clinical medicine preventive medicine dental care and vaccination services. As per the need of the pet the Dog Clinic in Delhi has the required medical facilities and set up to perform soft tissue surgery pet and orthopedic surgery. The general anesthesia and local anesthesia are used to prevent any discomfort to pets during surgery. The surgeries are performed by the experienced pet surgeon who has years of experience behind him. During the treatment the condition of the pet is constantly monitored by the experts. The services are offered under the world-class hygiene and sterilization conditions. The special waiting place is created for the owners of pets in the clinic.

Dog Clinic in Delhi NCR


The pets are separated from other big pets to provide a sense of security to the small pets. We also ensure that the pet is comfortable during the treatment by employing qualified and experienced staff and vet doctors. We keep latest pet pharmacy products like shampoo vitamins, worm preventives and sprays for meeting any need of the pet.

Owners can also contact us for vaccination of pets to control and prevent several diseases. Proper checking is done on the health of the pet before vaccination. Owners are also given the complete dietary instruction for the pet during the recovery and after the recovery based on the condition of pet health. Besides medical services, we also offer cleaning, grooming, therapeutic bathing services to pets.